JNF: Cierra

The XO of JNF who is also a temptress, but something is odd about her...


Level 4 Dread Necromancer


The XO of JNF who is also a temptress, but something is odd about her…

Cierra is the XO of JNF, under Vyce. She is very obsessed with her “distinct” research and hobbies, and takes offence when someone gives her work a negative connotation. She becomes so preoccupied with her work that she often loses track of the time as well as anybody around her. She has very clear goals in mind, and plans to attain those goals, but is wary of what the other members of JNF will think of her when she has attained her dreams. When she isn’t consumed by her work she is very self-conscious about herself and what the other members think of her.

Because of her naturally seductive and temptress-like demeanour, rumour has it that she does some work on the side in the Venal Voyager but she steadfastly denies these appalling accusations and even goes as far as ruining someone’s day if she hears them spreading these paltry rumours. Although she is a bit of a flirt, she chooses not to be involved with men of any race unless she feels it will actually lead to something wholesome and substantial, and because she currently does not want anything to interfere with her goals.

She has noticed Ryndir eyeing her, and thinks that he’s pretty cute, but doesn’t want to get involved because of her plans and goals involving her work. On the other hand, Vyce has been coming to her concerning his personal matters with regards to the overall mission and leading the team. Cierra has consoled him, and the two of them began to develop feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Vyce chose not to follow up on them because of the basic leadership principles which were drilled into him at school and for the integrity of the squad. Cierra had to follow suit and bury her feelings for him; although she continues to support him both professionally and personally, she one day hopes that the two of them will be able to at least see where a relationship might lead. Unlike many other men who have been interested in her, she is legitimately interested in Vyce and would be willing to restrain her devoted work ethic for him.

But despite her astonishing beauty, there is something slightly off about her…

JNF: Cierra

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