Noble: Mayor William Eddard

Current mayor of Stadt-Latrap.


Mayor Eddard has been the current mayor of Stadt-Latrap for just under two years now, and is beginning to battle for a second term with Lord Coddington (his only opponent in the mayoral race so far).

He is a genuinely good person who has not let his position be sullied by greed, corruption, and bribery. Because he was not born into a spoiled noble family, he knows what it’s like to struggle along on a day-to-day basis. He worked judiciously for the position he currently holds and wants to continue to give back to the community which taught him so many things that he would not have learned if he were born a noble.

He already has the support of the commoners of Stadt-Latrap (who form the majority of the population), and hopes to win over the noble circle in the upcoming election for a landslide victory by gaining Lady Cuthbert’s favour.

Noble: Mayor William Eddard

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