Thieves' Guild: Iascaire

The new XO of the Thieves' Guild. Extremely gorgeous.


The new XO of the Thieves’ Guild. Extremely gorgeous.

“Iascaire”, as he is known in the public eye, is a gorgeous, alluring, intelligent, and charming man of unknown race. He can beguile most people with his beauty alone, and that’s before he even begins speaking. He is always donning his favourite pirate’s hat but, because of his generally benevolent and peaceful nature, he was given the nickname “Iascaire”, meaning fisherman. This is quite dissimilar compared to the other prominent members of the Thieves’ Guild, Shadow, Goliath, and Stone, who have much more mysterious, dominant, or stoic nicknames.

Among the top four members of the Thieves’ Guild, Iascaire is relatively new and rose through the ranks rather quickly due to his intelligence and charm. He was liked by nearly everyone who he spoke to (one of the more distinguished exceptions being Stone), and had no trouble making friends and solving conflicts between people. If he was not able to befriend someone easily then he wouldn’t waste any further time on them. He values his job and role in the Thieves’ Guild, and works hard to ensure success for Shadow and his guild.

Iascaire has also been noted to be a bit of a philanderer, and will not hesitate to swoon any beautiful lady who comes across his path. Though he openly acts as a flirt to almost any beautiful woman he sees, it should not be construed as a weakness by any means. When necessary, Iascaire can be a cold, adamant, and vindictive man who will get the job done.

Prior to the death of Goliath, Iascaire was fourth-in-command in the Thieves’ Guild behind Stone. Following Goliath’s untimely tragedy of a death, Shadow appointed Iascaire as the new XO over Stone for his own reasons. Iascaire was extremely pleased with this surprise promotion and felt no guilt for being promoted over Stone, who he never thought very highly of in the first place. He feels no animosity towards Stone, but senses that Stone does not like him at all.

Thieves' Guild: Iascaire

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