JNF: Ryndir

A member of JNF. He thinks of himself as "too beautiful for armour"...


Level 4 Swashbuckler


A member of JNF. He thinks of himself as “too beautiful for armour”…

Ryndir is a very dapper, elegant, graceful, suave, and extremely vain man who is rumoured to carry a mirror with him just so he can gaze at himself whenever he desires. Because of his instinctive chaotic alignment and inclination towards evil rather than good, he has trouble getting along with Shiraha who is his complete moral opposite. However, since he was hand-picked to join this special forces adventuring squad, he has to work with Shiraha on a daily basis since they are the two front-line fighters of JNF and puts aside his differences to complete the job. When the two of them are training and fighting together, as opposed to having a conversation which inevitably leads to an ethical argument between the two of them, they are actually a daunting and intimidating duo who revel at the chance to fight against insurmountable odds.

Ryndir has also been captivated by Cierra’s ravishing beauty and, as a result, has a thing for her. Lamentably, she has not yet noticed because she is usually consumed by her peculiar research and hobbies. Nevertheless, he has no doubts that his appeal, charm, glamour, and own beauty, will win her heart over in the near future.

JNF: Ryndir

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