JNF: Shiraha

A member of JNF. Despite his overall look and disposition, he's actually quite gentlemanly.


Level 4 Samurai


A member of JNF. Despite his overall look and disposition, he’s actually quite gentlemanly.

Although Shiraha purposely wears frightening armour in the attempt to instill fear and terror into his opponents (something he has dubbed the “Terror Effect”), he is quite a benevolent and altruistic soul who helps people whenever he can. Due to his lawful and good nature, he often clashes with Ryndir who is the complete opposite of himself; however, because the two were hand-picked for the same special forces adventuring squad, they are forced to work together under Vyce’s commanding leadership. Despite his differences with Ryndir, the two are actually a very formidable team of front-line fighters. They often train together, but tend to avoid talking to each other about anything other than combat tactics and strategies as their conversations usually gravitate towards moral arguments.

Because of the type of mission JNF is undertaking, Vyce sometimes finds himself facing a moral dilemma. This will cause him to seek out Shiraha because of the virtuous advice he consistently bequeaths to others. As such, Shiraha has, for all practical purposes, become JNF’s “moral compass” so to speak. The other members of the group look up to him in some way even if they disagree with his ideals, principles, and values.

JNF: Shiraha

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