bMerc: Spensor Spector


Spensor is the commanding officer of the numerous adventuring groups tasked with de-stabilizing Stadt-Latrap, and is also the owner and operator of the Venal Voyager Brothel / Bar / Hotel.

He seems to know a lot of what is going on with all the adventurers under him, despite how honest they may or may not be with him. He gives out magical gear to try and keep up with his adventurers’ growth, and rewards adventurers who share information and loot with him willingly with favours and more equipment.

He slyly organized an alliance between himself, Hans, Shadow, Zans, and the ambassador from a northern country by using a perfect look-alike to impersonate Jane. The look-alike then primarily used Raynne to forge the alliance between them by giving them each a taste of Raynne.

bMerc: Spensor Spector

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