Thieves' Guild: Stone

Third-in-command of the Thieves' Guild. Despises Iascaire.


Third-in-command of the Thieves’ Guild. Despises Iascaire.

“Stoneface”, as he was originally nicknamed, has been a long-time member of the Thieves’ Guild. He was given this nickname partially due to the stone mask he always wore, but moreso because of the stoic and apathetic demeanour he always exuded. He was always a callous, cold, harsh, ruthless, and even sadistic individual who enjoyed torturing others, but hid all of his emotions from everyone else. He has never been seen without his mask, and some believe that it grants him magical powers which help him contain his emotions and complete every job without remorse, second thoughts, or failure.

Originally more of a thug type with few skills besides brute force, intimidation, and leadership, he slowly worked his way up the lower echelon of the Thieves’ Guild and eventually gained Shadow‘s personal trust as he accomplished more and more tasks and became quite proficient at his job as a killer and “cleaner”. As he became more recognized in the Thieves’ Guild, he attempted to dabble in the rogue and thief arts but did not show any interest in learning the skills of the trade. He reverted back to his old ways and decided to hone his natural skills even further. It was around this time that he also shortened his nickname to “Stone”. Although his limited skill set and stubborn mindset prevented him from advancing beyond the lower echelon of the rank structure in the Thieves’ Guild, his natural leadership talents were what separated him from the rest of the members. When Shadow recognized his latent leadership abilities throughout his tenure as a thug, he promoted him steadily and quickly until he reached the spot of third-in-command underneath the infamous Goliath.

Not too long ago, Iascaire joined the Thieves’ Guild and rose through the ranks with extreme ease until he reached the rank of fourth-in-command under Stone. He traversed the ranks much more easily than Stone did even with Shadow’s direct approval, and this irked Stone to no end. As well, Shadow seemed to dote over Iascaire endlessly and Stone did not like this one bit. He believed Iascaire to be a lazy and manipulative con artist who stole credit for the other members’ hard work. Stone rarely saw Iascaire get his hands dirty, and despised the fact that he was getting promoted at an accelerated rate for seemingly doing nothing. He has no respect for people like Iascaire, who he believes manipulates others in order to get what they want.

After the death of Goliath, Stone was fully expecting to be promoted to the position of XO directly under Shadow. However, this was not the case at all. For some reason, Shadow chose to promote Iascaire, who was fourth-in-command working directly under Stone at the time, instead of Stone himself. Ultimately, Stone eventually wanted to succeed Shadow and become the leader of the Thieves’ Guild. With Iascaire seemingly next in line for succession, this would stall his own promotion by who knows how long. Possibly even never, because he knows that Iascaire does not care for him at all and would promote other, more “intelligent”, people over him. He believes that Iascaire only views him as a pawn, and not the commander which Shadow recognizes him as. Stone withheld his emotions, as he always did so nonchalantly, and decided to come up with a plan to “rightfully” (in his mind) claim the throne of the Thieves’ Guild.

Only time will reveal his undoubtedly malicious plans.

Thieves' Guild: Stone

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