Thieves' Guild: Shadow

Leader of the Thieves' Guild, whose true identity is a mystery.


Leader of the Thieves’ Guild, whose true identity is a mystery.

Shadow is the leader of the Thieves’ Guild. A few weeks ago, Shadow had the displeasure of internally announcing that Goliath, his XO (Executive Officer, or second-in-command), died due to unknown circumstances. Goliath was revered as one of the best the Thieves’ Guild had ever known, so many among the guild were dissatisfied with the lack of a formal explanation concerning his death. This lowered morale somewhat, but many rumours are lingering which say that Shadow has much more involvement in Goliath’s death than he’s letting on.

Moreover, Goliath’s death left his pet half-dragon crocodile Sparkles loose and untamed in the sewers towards the northern end of the city. In an attempt to gain the favour of the Thieves’ Guild, Jane and Zoog met with a higher-up in the Thieves’ Guild and were tasked with a number of errands to complete (one of which was to take care of Sparkles by whatever method they deemed appropriate). When they completed far more than what was expected of them and in a swift and efficient manner, they were granted a personal audience with Shadow himself. He was extremely impressed with the quick work they made of the errands tasked to the two of them. In exchange for those errands, he said he would work on getting Jane and Zoog forged papers proving nobility at birth. But will he really hold his end of the bargain?

After the mysterious death of Goliath, Shadow instead chose to promote Iascaire, his fourth-in-command, over Stone, his third-in-command. Iascaire was quite surprised, but very pleased, and graciously accepted the position. Stone was as stoic and nonchalant as he always was, but Shadow sensed that he was somewhat irate over his choice. However, Shadow has his reasons for promoting Iascaire over Stone and has been known to always make calculated, logical, and wise decisions.

Over the past two weeks, there have been a total of four assaults on three citizens and one guardsman in Stadt-Latrap. According to the four victims, they were all mauled in the same fashion and none of them were able to see the assailant at all. As a result of the vicious attacks, some citizens have given the assailant the nickname ‘Midnight Marauder’ while others have chosen to call him “Shadow”. This has irked Shadow greatly as he has worked hard for this nickname and reputation and does not want to see it given to some psychopath for maiming a few citizens in a gruesome way.

His face is always hidden behind his darkened hood, and thus it is unlikely that anyone besides the top members of the Thieves’ Guild have seen his face and know his true identity.

Thieves' Guild: Shadow

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