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“The World is Full of epic tales of adventurers slaying dragons, freeing damsels, clearing dangerous dungeons of the foulest beasts known to mankind. These heroes saved whole kingdoms and even the world from the forces of evil. Don’t forget the money, they became rich, I mean RICH, like Orcpra rich!

Evil however always finds a way to return and taint the land. Those dirty ugly goblinoids kept attacking innocent farmers, stealing their crops, even their lands some times, instead of staying in the caves and hovels they belong in. They attacked caravans, which hurts the economy. They Bred like rabbits, faster even. Plus there were bigger problems, evil wizards and dragons, steal our money, our cattle, our VIRGINS!! for Paylor’s sake something had to be done!

So in stepped Dungeon International Care and Kindness Services. We have provided structure and order to the chaos of myths and monsters. We provide jobs in service industries of all sectors. Most of all we provide a way to train the heroes of tomorrow and curb the undesirable populations, AT THE SAME TIME!

So become an adventurer, we have over 500 dungeons and encounters across the world, and we have been in the hero training business for over 200 years. For the modest fee of 9999.99 you can train to be any kind of adventurer and be set on your life long path of adventure. For a limited time only all dungeon and adventure fees will be waved, FOR LIFE!"

-DICKS recruitment office

Welcome to the city of Stadt-Latrap. The only feasible way into Zustand-Lartuen

character gen help: Character Sheet , 32 Point Buy , 300 gold level 1 character d20 srd

Main Page

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